YouTube is testing a new design that you're likely to hate right away

YouTube is testing a new UI design. The new design moves the title, description and comments of the video to the right panel. And video recommendations will also appear right below the video you're watching.

It's not unusual for YouTube to modify the look and feel of its platform from time to time. Users will occasionally get an early look at potential design changes through tests the company runs. A select number of YouTube viewers have recently noticed that the website has changed a bit. These users report that the video title, description, and comments are moved to the right panel. while the video recommendations have been moved to just below the video player.

Some users of X (formerly Twitter) and Threads have shared images of the new design of YouTube. You can see some examples below.

Typically, things like the title, description, and comments are located below the video player, while video recommendations appear on the right. YouTube seems to have decided to reverse its position.

Functionally, this new setup looks like a logical way to allow the user to view comments without having to navigate away from the video. However, one could argue that this new design looks too busy, distracting and aesthetically unpleasant. Users don't exactly seem to like the new look, with one user saying, "This is truly one of the worst YouTube UI updates I've ever seen."