With 15 new features, Telegram caught the breath of WhatsApp

Telegram's new update includes 15 new and useful features so that this messenger's competition with WhatsApp will enter a new stage.

The latest update of Telegram, which was made available a few weeks ago, includes numerous features, some of which we did not know the details of until today.In a press release, Telegram says that the update in question has more than 15 new features, including the suggested channels section, the display of channels and birthdays in the profile section, and modern tools for group admins.

From now on, the Telegram search filter includes the Channels section that displays the channels that are followed. This tab contains a list of suggested channels so that you can look for new content.

The new update of Telegram introduces a new section called My Profile in the settings menu. Thanks to this section, you can see how other users are viewing your profile. Then you can edit the various information. In the new update of Telegram, it is possible to pin three stories to the profile.

Another important change in Telegram is that you can add your birthday to your profile. Of course, Telegram had previously explained the details of this feature. Thanks to the new update, you can add your channels to your profile so that anyone who sees the profile can easily access the channel.

Telegram says that in the new update it will be possible to share location without a time limit. This messenger has hosted a series of changes in the notification section, and on the other hand, it shows the profile image of the main account in the forwarding section of messages.

Animated emoji in polls and advanced group management tools are other important features added to Telegram, which are, of course, only available to premium Telegram users. Telegram Premium users can also reactivate ads and view stories anonymously.Telegram now has 900 million monthly active users and is one of the most widely used and downloaded applications in the world.