After Chrome, the Vivaldi browser also came to the Windows logo version

A demo version of the Vivaldi browser for Windows based on logo has been released. A while ago, we saw the release of Chrome for this platform.

The unveiling of the Snapdragon X Elite processor has caused the attention to the Windows on Arm platform to increase significantly in the past few months, and now it's time for the Vivaldi browser to enter this field with the release of its new version preview.Vivaldi's joining ARM comes as a few days ago the final version of the Chrome browser for ARM processors was released. A native version of the Edge browser was also available for logo-based computers a long time ago.

Redmondi started a difficult journey with the Windows on Arm project in 2016, and still few softwares run natively on the Arm architecture, and the few attractive processors that have been introduced for this platform so far have caused a decrease in customer interest and software development.It seems that computing has changed since Qualcomm introduced the upcoming Snapdragon X Elite processor. This processor is currently one of the most powerful chips for Windows laptops, surpassing some models of Intel processors and Apple's M2 chip in its class.

After the unveiling of Snapdragon X Elite, it received unprecedented support from software developers. Qualcomm has announced that DaVinci Resolve, one of the best video editing software, will have a native version of Logo, which is very much appreciated.The new Vivaldi preview version with number 3329.7 experimentally supports Windows on Arm. The development team has warned that this version has not yet been fully tested and will likely come with instability. It is expected that the bugs will be fixed in the next updates.