viber chat summarization

Viber beats WhatsApp and Telegram by providing AI-based chat summarization

The feature of summarizing the chat in Viber was presented with artificial intelligence. With this feature, Viber allows users to have a short summary of unread messages using artificial intelligence.

Viber or Rakuten Viber has introduced a new feature based on artificial intelligence (AI) for its users. The messaging platform offers a Viber chat summarization feature that allows users to use artificial intelligence to update unread messages with a short summary. The feature is rolling out in select regions, and the company has revealed that it plans to expand it to more regions soon.

The news was announced by Rakuten, the parent company of Viber, through a press release. The company revealed that the artificial intelligence feature supports OpenAI's GPT models. Viber's chat summary feature is currently only available in group chats and not in individual conversations. "The artificial intelligence summarizer extracts the most important parts of a user's group conversations and summarizes what was discussed in an instant," the company says.

Chat summarization process in Viber with artificial intelligence

Viber's AI-powered chat summaries provide a clear point-to-point overview, highlighting key decisions, to-do items, and important topics of discussion. Viber aims to simplify many common scenarios, such as parents' complicated planning for their children's activities, groups of friends coordinating events, or travel companions finalizing details.

According to the company, Viber's artificial intelligence can summarize up to 100 unread messages. When a user enters a group chat with several unread messages, you can ask her to extract an optional summary of the relevant section for you. If the user clicks on the designated icon, the AI will send a message that will extract key parts of the conversation. The company said this feature saves users time scrolling up to go through multiple messages to understand the context. It will also help you not to miss anything important.

How safe is the ability to summarize the chat in Viber with artificial intelligence?

To protect privacy, this feature does not include any identifiers in its summary, except for the username. As a result, specific conversations cannot be linked externally to group members. The company also assured that Viber does not access or store conversations or summaries on its servers, ensuring privacy and security of users' data. For reference, this feature works similarly to the conversation summary feature in Google Chat in Spaces, which was introduced last year.

Countries allowed to use Viber's chat summary feature

Currently, this feature is available in the US, Philippines, Ukraine, Japan, Bulgaria and Poland. The company said that more countries and regions will soon get this feature. Viber chat summarization feature with AI is available on both Android and iOS and supports more than 50 languages. Soon more countries will follow.

Viber's innovative move represents a potential change in messaging applications. While third-party tools powered by the ChatGPT APIs already offer similar chat summarization for some apps, direct Viber integration promises a seamless user experience. Competitors such as WhatsApp and Telegram are likely to focus on this feature, and we may see other messengers equipping with this feature.

What are the benefits of summarizing Viber chats?

Summarizing Viber chats can have several advantages for users of this application:

  • Save time: by summarizing Viber chats, users can quickly view important content and benefit from saving time to find the information they need.
  •   Increased accessibility: When chats are summarized, users can easily access important information without having to go through all conversations.
  •   Easier to manage chats: With concise and useful summaries, users can better manage which parts of chats are important to them and which ones they can revisit in the future.
  •   Reduce confusion: When chats are condensed, users can easily avoid the confusion caused by the volume of messages and larger conversations.

However, these benefits depend on the usage and preferences of each user, and some users may prefer to have all their conversations without condensing them.

Applications capable of summarizing chats

Several different messaging apps have chat summarization capabilities, but not as comprehensive as Viber's, this includes:

  1. WhatsApp: WhatsApp recently added chat summarization to its beta version. This feature allows users to view a summary of their chats, which can be activated via the "Summary" button on any conversation.
  2. Facebook Messenger (Facebook Messenger): Facebook Messenger also provides facilities to summarize chats. Users can easily review their chats and view their summary.

This list may change over time, as new changes and updates are added to these applications.