Threads' solution to attract audience: payment of financial rewards to some content producers

The amount of these prizes can be different for individuals or companies.

Meta rewards some content creators with thousands of dollars if they publish content on Trades. These payments are actually part of the reward for content creators who use Threads. However, there are certain conditions for receiving these rewards.

The Instagram support page details the Trades rewards program. The page states that content creators can earn "based on the performance of the posts they publish on Threads" or "the number of posts they create." It seems that the specific terms of the rewards differ for each developer. The company notes: "Details of the reward program may vary by participant."

It seems that this strategy is currently being implemented as a test. Apparently, Meta intends to implement such programs to increase the audience and increase the contents. Meta has previously offered rewards for publishing video content on Facebook and Instagram, but this is the first time the company has paid for posts to be published on Threads.

How much is the Trades bonus amount?

According to a screenshot published on Threads, a creator will be awarded a maximum of $5,000 for publishing posts or replies with 10,000 views or more.This is not as much as the $10,000 bonus some video content creators have earned on Instagram; However, it's still a high amount because publishing text content on Threads requires less effort than shooting and editing an engaging Instagram video.

Meta is not the only platform trying to attract content creators with the promise of potential payouts. Social network X also pays people based on their participation in content creation. Trades social network has a smaller audience compared to X and Facebook; So we have to wait and see if this meta move will be successful in attracting an audience to Threads.