The continuation of the Asian tour of "Tim Cook"; Apple's 250 million dollars investment in Singapore

The CEO of Apple has been visiting Asian countries for some time and after Vietnam and Indonesia, he is now in Singapore.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has continued his Asian tour with a visit to Singapore and also announced that the tech giant will invest $250 million to expand its presence in the country.

The CEO of Apple has been busy visiting Asian countries for some time. After Vietnam and then Indonesia, her last program was a two-day trip to Singapore, and the iPhone maker giant announced the expansion of its office campus in this country.

Apple's CEO's comments about Singapore

Cook said in his statement:

“Singapore is truly a unique place, and we are proud of the connection we have made with this dynamic community of creators, learners and dreamers. "With our growing campus, Apple is writing a new chapter in our history in this country."

The Apple CEO is also scheduled to meet Singapore's current Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and his successor, Lawrence Wong, in May.

Cook has also posted on the X social network about meeting Apple users in each of the countries she visited. For example, in this post, she mentions visiting Jakarta with Lisa Jackson, Apple's vice president of environment, policy and initiatives. In Singapore, Cook has also visited the Gardens by the Bay National Park.At the time of writing, Cook's most recent post was about a visit to the Cerebral Palsy Alliance School in Singapore.Cook's visit to Singapore and the plans announced by her to expand the presence of the iPhone maker in this country, more than 40 years after the company started manufacturing products in Singapore. In 1981, when Singapore itself was only 16 years old, Apple had started manufacturing Apple II computers in the country.