Tik Tok is competing with Instagram with its new platform (TikTok Notes).

Based on the screenshots posted by users, TikTok's upcoming rival on Instagram for sharing photos could be called TikTok Notes. TikTok also confirmed that the app is in development. For the past few days, TikTok users have been receiving pop-up notifications about the new TikTok Notes app for sharing photos.

The announcement said that the company will soon launch a "new app for photo posts" called TikTok Notes, and users' existing photos will be shared in the app. Users can also choose not to share their video posts in the new app.

TikTok confirmed that it is working on the app, but it is not officially available to users at the moment.

According to a TikTok spokesperson: "As part of our continued commitment to innovation to improve the TikTok user experience, we're exploring ways to empower our fans to get creative with photos and text in a space dedicated to those formats and to share

Both TikTok and Meta are fiercely competing for the social media space, with Meta unveiling a new full-screen video player for Facebook on Wednesday.