The second Tik Tok filter bill was passed in the US House of Representatives

A new bill that includes Tik Tok filtering in the United States was approved by the House of Representatives.

The United States House of Representatives has once again approved a bill that may lead to the filtering of the TikTok social network in the country; Unless ByteDance (Owner of TikTok) decides to sell this platform.The new bill has an important difference with the previous news-making bill, which makes the US Senate unable to delay its vote for a long time.According to the press release of the official website of the US Congress, the new bill was approved by 360 votes in favor and 58 votes against, to enter the Senate in the next stage. This bill is part of the broader effort of the US House of Representatives to sanction foreign countries such as Russia and provide military support to Ukraine, and the inclusion of Tiktok in this bill will bring the story of this Chinese platform to a conclusion sooner than expected.

The U.S. Senate must vote on another bill that passed the House last month that specifically focuses on TikTok. It is said that we will not see a vote on the main bill soon.The head of the Commerce Committee of the US Senate did not agree with the new bill at first; But after applying some reforms, it gave the green light. Due to the recent changes, ByteDance will have more time to sell Tik Tok (maximum one year).