It is possible to delete old posts on Threads; A noisy feature of Trades!

Removing and clearing old posts in Threads will undoubtedly make this program more useful and popular.Threads is rolling this feature out to a small number of users right now to test and evaluate it, and then gradually roll it out to more users. Users' acceptance of this ability to delete old posts in Trades has a direct impact on its official and wide release.

The process of deleting old posts on threads

This feature allows users to automatically hide their old posts. The head of Instagram, Adam Mussery, has stated that this feature is only available to a small number of users. This feature allows users to archive their posts via the instructions that can be found in Musari's posts in Threads. By accessing this test, users can manually archive their posts or automatically archive their posts after a certain period of time.

Also, Adam Mussery has stated that users can re-public their posts at any time. She also added that this feature will not be enabled by default in Threads. "I did a survey ... and the unanimous feedback was not to make this the default, so we're going to try that as an option," she says.The text also notes that users on X (formerly known as Twitter) have long requested the ability to archive posts on the platform, and many have turned to third-party services to hide their content. At least, it looks like Threads will finally have an archive option built in.