The magic feature of Android enters Split-Screen mode

The magic function of Circle to Search, which did not work in Split-Screen on some phones, will be fixed soon.

Circle to Search is one of the best features Google has introduced in recent years. To search text or image through Circle to Search, you need to press and hold the navigation button at the bottom of the phone screen so that Circle to Search appears on almost any page. This feature is limited to some phones.According to Android Authority, the Circle to Search feature is not activated in some places. For example, Circle to Search currently does not work when two apps are side-by-side in split-screen mode, at least on Google phones. This defect will be fixed soon.

Circle to Search uses one of the special Android APIs to access the page image. Circle to Search does not work when Google Assistant is set as Android's default digital assistant and "Use Screenshot" is disabled in the settings and menu of the digital assistant app. Changing the default digital assistant to something other than Google causes Circle to Search to not work properly; Because this feature is part of the Google app.