The email summarization feature is added to the Gmail application

Apparently, Google wants to add email summarization to the Gmail mobile app on Android. One of the most common features of artificial intelligence is the ability to summarize. This feature provides users with summaries of articles, documents, and even audio recordings and phone calls. Apparently, Google is preparing to introduce an email summarization feature in the Gmail app. Follow this article from XPanel to check the advantages and how to activate this new feature of Gmail.

AssembleDebug posted on the X page (formerly Twitter) about Gmail's new ability to summarize emails and says: New versions of the Gmail app that are not yet available to the public have a button titled "Summarize this email".

Google allows Gemini for Workspace users to summarize emails, so this feature is exclusive to the enterprise version.

What is the email summarization feature in the Gmail application?

The Email Summarization feature in the Gmail app is a smart feature that helps users quickly see the content of their emails without having to open each email. This feature is provided by Gmail's artificial intelligence and automatically analyzes and summarizes the main content of emails.

For example, when this feature is enabled, you may see a summary of each email in your email list, which includes the email title and a short part of its body. These summaries help you quickly identify which emails are important and which you should prioritize responding to.

This feature aims to increase productivity and reduce time spent managing emails, as the user can decide with a quick glance at the summaries whether they should open the email and view more details.

Advantages of summarizing email in Gmail application

Benefits of email summarization feature in Gmail app provide very important clarity for Gmail users. Below, we are going to express several advantages of this feature:

đź”·Increased productivity: By having email summaries, users can quickly identify which emails are important and which should be given a higher priority. It helps to reduce the time spent on managing emails.

đź”· Save time: With email summaries, users don't need to open each email to understand its content. This helps to make the process of managing emails faster and easier in general.

đź”·Selection of important messages: With summaries, users can quickly identify which emails are important and need to be answered and which can be postponed. This helps to improve prioritization of emails.

đź”·Reducing redundant information: By having summaries, users may avoid seeing extra details or redundant information in emails, which can reduce email management time.

Overall, the email summarization feature in the Gmail app is an effective tool for improving email productivity and management, allowing users to deal with their emails quickly and efficiently.

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