The new wave of layoffs at Tesla; Elon Musk is firing more employees

Almost two weeks after laying off at least 14,000 employees, Tesla is now laying off hundreds more, including several top executives.

About two weeks ago, Tesla laid off 10% of its workforce. Now, according to new reports, the company is laying off even more employees and executives, as well as members of its Supercharger team. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, has said in an email to the managers of the company that she wants Tesla to be strict in terms of firing employees.

Nearly two weeks after it began laying off at least 14,000 workers, Tesla is now laying off hundreds more, including top executives and the majority of its Supercharger division team, The Information reported. The chief manager of the electric vehicle charging unit of this company is leaving this company along with the majority of her 500-person team. These layoffs are in addition to the recent 10 percent reduction in the workforce.

Tesla is laying off more workers

Elon Musk has told her managers in an email that she wants Tesla to be strict in terms of layoffs and that managers whose employees do not perform well will also be fired. While the full scale of these new layoffs is unclear, based on previous reports, these layoffs will apparently reach 20 percent of the total workforce. It seems that Musk wants the amount of layoffs to be equal to a 20% reduction in the company's car sales.Tesla's new layoffs include long-standing executives. 

One of these people is Rebecca Tinucci, who was responsible for launching Tesla's Supercharger network during his six years at the company. One of her tasks during this time was to persuade other companies to adopt the North American Charging Standard (NACS). This standard has been developed by Tesla. Of course, Musk says in her email that Tesla will continue to build new superchargers and complete the ones that were being built.

The latest layoffs come as Tesla's car sales decline in 2024 The share price of this company has reached its lowest level in the last six years due to the decrease in profit margin.