How to activate premium telegram?

How to activate premium telegram?

Telegram is one of the most popular messengers in the world, which surprises its fans with great updates in every update. This powerful messenger, which is also a social network, is known as the main competitor of WhatsApp. Telegram has been offering its own premium version for some time and has emerged as one of the first paid and subscription social network in the world and has met with good public approval. But what unique features does Premium Telegram offer? How much does it cost to buy a Telegram Pro account and how to activate a Premium Telegram account? Stay with this article from Mobonews to get to know the paid and non-free version of Telegram completely!

What is Premium Telegram?

Premium Telegram is the paid version of free Telegram. Until this year, Telegram was managed by Pavel Durov's personal expenses, advertisements and financial contributions from users. This platform, by offering the Telegram premium version, was able to have a more stable income and to offer more features to its users. In the premium version of Telegram, by paying a monthly or annual subscription fee, you use the special facilities that Telegram has for its premium users. In the following, you will get to know more about these new and diverse facilities. The first version of Telegram Premium was introduced on July 19, 2023.

Premium Telegram features

The features that have made many people interested in buying a paid Telegram account include:

1. The possibility of 5 thousand people joining Telegram channels and groups; Previously, you were facing a lot of restrictions on the number of users.

2. The possibility of joining 1000 channels in the premium account; While before the new version, you could be a member of a maximum of 500 channels.

3. Ability to send files up to 4 GB; Previously, you could send files up to a maximum of 2 GB, and there was a limit.

4. The possibility of downloading files at a higher speed; Of course, this feature may not be seen much in our country.

5. You can also create 20 chat folders and put 200 chats inside each one.

6. One of the features of Premium Telegram is pinning 10 chats, which used to be 5.

7. The possibility of using animated animations in the profile is one of the attractive and unique features of this version.

8. The story function is active for users of the free version of Telegram, but if you use the prefix of Iran and Russia, you cannot post a story. Buying Telegram Premium activates the story for you.

9. The possibility of accessing the statistics of channels and groups; These facilities are extremely useful for businesses.

10. In the premium version of Telegram, you can save up to 400 gifs and 10 sets of stickers.

11. In the pro version of Telegram, there are no more advertisements, and any channel or group that has a lot of advertisements between its posts, only its main content will be displayed for you and there is no advertisement.

12. One of the most attractive features added to Telegram Premium is that you can convert the voices you receive from your contacts into text. This feature is very suitable for those who do not have the possibility to play voices most of the time.

The difference between premium telegram and free telegram

Premium Telegram and free Telegram have various common features such as: sending and receiving messages, audio and video chat, the ability to create groups and channels, and the ability to share various files; The main difference between premium telegram and free telegram is in the additional features and features that exist in the premium version and are disabled in the free app. We explained these features in the previous section. We suggest to learn the interesting features of the new Telegram update to use free Telegram.

How to activate premium telegram?

After purchasing a subscription, follow the steps below to activate Telegram Premium through the Telegram app:

1. Open the Telegram app.

2. Tap the menu in the upper left corner.

3. Select "Telegram Premium" option.

4. Tap the “Subscribe” button.

5. If the activation is done, a blue star (blue tick) will be added to your profile, which is for premium users. Of course, this tick is visible only to premium users and those who have a free Telegram account cannot see it.