Pavel Dorf: By removing Telegram from the App Store, Apple harmed itself

The removal of Telegram from the App Store, according to the theory of the CEO of Telegram, who believes that the removal of this messenger from the Chinese App Store will ultimately harm Apple itself.According to the reports obtained, Pavel Dorf, CEO of Telegram, published a post on her personal channel and said that the mentioned messenger is on the first rank of the most downloaded Android applications in China and its popularity is increasing day by day.

Telegram is filtered in China, and users must use VPN to access it. Dorf says that the Chinese like Telegram and always find a way to use it.

Last week, the Chinese government ordered Apple to remove Telegram, WhatsApp, Signal, and Trades from the country's app store. Dorf says that since then the number of Telegram downloads in China has not decreased at all.

The CEO of Telegram believes that the removal of this messenger from the App Store in China is actually an action against Apple: "The Chinese authorities are pressuring more people to migrate from iPhone to Android phones produced by Chinese companies such as Xiaomi." He further mentioned the sideload feature in Android phones and said that the removal of Telegram from the App Store will ultimately cause more people in this country to migrate to the Android platform.

Pavel Dorf continued her speech and said that "Apple has scored on itself again" and the reason for this is the monopolistic policy of the "product garden". According to Dorf, the removal of messengers from China's App Store will ultimately reduce the share of the iPhone in the mobile market of this country.