Telegram's TON network provided the possibility of paying with Tether

Doing these transactions has a very low cost and Telegram's TON network only charges around $0.10.

Telegram users can now send money through the stablecoin Tether (USDT) through the "Open Network" (TON) blockchain system on this messaging service. Stablecoins are becoming a more popular alternative to fiat currencies and can be used by people who buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

Telegram's TON project has announced that users can now send others USDT (a Tether stablecoin) through this open network.

How to transfer USDT stablecoin with TON Telegram blockchain network

According to the explanation on the TON blog, to do this, users must first go to the Telegram Wallet bot, which can be found through the application search bar. Then, through this bot, they have to create a wallet for themselves.Then users can buy USDT and send money to other users by selecting Tether token as payment option. With these conditions, we can expect Tether USDT to become more popular than before.

The fee for transactions in the TON blockchain network

Another important point that is mentioned is the low cost of these transactions. It is written in this post:

"TON's core development team has optimized Tether's smart contract to be three times cheaper than any other transaction. "A USDT transaction between two users costs only 0.0145 TON (about $0.10), which is 66% less compared to other tokens."

USDT, also known as Tether, is the most widely used and well-known stablecoin with over $85 billion in daily trading volume and a total market cap of $106 billion. The USDT token is pegged one-to-one to the USD and is fully backed by dollar reserves. This one-to-one correlation makes USDT have a stable value and sets it apart from other more volatile cryptocurrencies.

USDT is commonly used for things like mitigating the risk of cryptocurrency price fluctuations, day-to-day transactions and cross-border payments.