After a long time, the threads application unveils the ability to send private messages

The ability to send private messages on threads has been unveiled as a trial. The threads app, known as X's fierce competitor, has long been without the ability to send a private message. This is despite the fact that many users have requested the addition of this feature to threads. Now Meta has introduced the new Message button to threads as an experiment.

The new button, which is not yet widely and officially available, allows users to send messages to each other directly. However, the feature does not function as a standalone messaging system and is dependent on Instagram as usual. But it is still a great improvement and user-friendly.

As you can see in the picture above, just like Instagram, there is an option to send a message in each person's profile, and you can easily send a private message to any person in Threads. But since Threads is directly connected to Instagram, this new button only serves as a shortcut to send a message to the intended user via Instagram Direct.

The message sent through Threads is sent to Instagram Direct, and to view the history of conversations, you must refer to Instagram. In fact, instead of the receiver viewing your profile on threads. He will see your Instagram profile!!

Meta, however, has stated that this test button is not intended to launch messaging functionality on threads. Adam Moussari, the head of Instagram, reported last year about the company's effort to add the ability to send messages directly from Tradez. But it is not clear whether threads will offer this test functionality widely and officially or not; But it seems that this new button is a small step to make it easier and more convenient for users to send messages in threads.