MrBeast  is preparing to become the most followed YouTuber in the world

MrBeast and T-Series are competing for the most subscribers on YouTube.

Jamie Donaldson, the YouTuber known as MrBeast, is very popular, but he has never been ranked as the most subscribed YouTube channel. T-Series, India's biggest music brand and film studio, currently holds the number one spot with 263 million YouTube subscribers, but MrBeast is fast approaching with 252 million subscribers.T-Series, seeing its position under threat, released a video and called on viewers to subscribe to the channel. At the start of the video, a line attributed to T-Series founder Gulshan Kumar (who died in 1997) is seen: "I want to put India and my people at the top of the international platform."T-Series' video doesn't directly mention MrBeast, but it's an odd fit between the music videos and movie trailers the channel usually posts.

MrBeast gained seven million subscribers last month, and 105 million subscribers last year. In contrast, T-Series gained 2 million subscribers last month and 23 million subscribers last year, and these numbers clearly show the difference in the growth of channels.MrBeast is going to host the Beast Games, a gaming event with a five million dollar budget. Probably, the growth of the Masterbist audience will be more than before thanks to this program.