The meeting between the CEO of Microsoft and Samsung; An attempt to collaborate in artificial intelligence?

Microsoft is holding an executive-level meeting with Samsung that will likely focus on AI.

We live in the age of artificial intelligence and the technology giants are looking for new partners to improve their capabilities in this field. Samsung is ideally positioned as a leading supplier of high-speed memory, which is critical for AI chips.

Samsung currently cooperates with companies such as Nvidia and plays a role in the creation of future artificial intelligence chips of the Green Team. Apparently, Microsoft also hopes to cooperate with the South Korean technology giant; Because next month, a meeting will be held between the two companies at the level of high-ranking managers.Microsoft has invited Kong Kye-hyun, the head of Samsung's semiconductor division, to the MS CEO Summit. This event will be held in Redmond on May 14th (May 25th).

According to The Korea Economic Daily, Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, and Satya Nadella, the CEO of this company, are aiming to hold private meetings with the director of Samsung's semiconductor division to find new ways of cooperation to strengthen the two companies' partnership in the field of artificial intelligence.Reports claim that Microsoft is looking to co-develop and market AI chips with Samsung.

Microsoft might be planning to offer some of its AI services on Samsung devices. Currently, a significant part of the artificial intelligence functions in a variety of Samsung phone models work on the basis of Google's artificial intelligence, and Microsoft hopes that its services will be integrated with Samsung's AI suite, which is now available on 100 million devices.

In addition to Samsung, Microsoft has also invited the senior managers of SK Hynix, LG Electronics and SK Telecom to the MS CEO Summit. Experts believe that Microsoft's request for the presence of the top managers of South Korea's largest technology companies is considered a rare action.