Microsoft is introducing the feature (meeting details) in One Note for Windows.

Meeting Details feature in OneNote for Windows allows you to save all the information about your meetings in OneNote for Windows. It includes traditional information (date, description, participants) and artificial intelligence-powered additions.

Today, Microsoft announced an improved meeting detail experience in OneNote for Windows. With this new Meeting Details experience, you'll be able to manage all meeting content in one place. In addition to basic meeting information such as dates, descriptions, and participants, meeting details also include smart summary content of teams' meetings. Smart summaries of teams' meetings include meeting notes, AI-suggested tasks and more. Finally, the meeting details include the notes of the Loop meetings.

Access to the Meeting Details function

In the following, we will explain how to access the new feature of meeting details:

🔷In OneNote for Windows, open an existing notebook and select Home > Meeting Details.

🔷In the Meeting Details window, select a meeting from the current day or click on the calendar icon to the right of today's date and select a different date.

🔷Click Configure above the date picker to switch between available accounts and calendars and choose the one you want to use.

🔷If you have added meeting details to your page before the meeting, pressing the Refresh all on page button at the bottom of the window will add any meeting content created from recording or converting the meeting text to your notebook page.

🔷To add the content of the meeting to your notebook from the new Outlook, open the desired meeting from the calendar and select Home > Send to OneNote or right-click on the meeting and select the option Send to OneNote from the context menu.

This new meeting details feature will be available in other OneNote apps in the future. OneNote for Windows version 2404 (build 17528.20000) or later, when using a business account, can use this feature this month.

Please note that the following modes are currently not supported by the Session Details experience:

  • 3rd party email accounts and calendars
  •  Common calendars
  • Attached files with Send to OneNote from new Outlook
  •  AI generated content with "Send to OneNote" from new Outlook