Google, Microsoft and Cisco are jointly investigating the impact of artificial intelligence on businesses

Major tech companies are forming a group to explore how artificial intelligence might affect tech jobs.

As artificial intelligence advances, so do debates and concerns about how the technology will affect workers, the economy, and businesses. Now, Google, Microsoft, Cisco, and several other big tech companies that have invested heavily in the technology themselves are forming a group to explore how AI might affect tech jobs.

This group will be led by Cisco and, according to the company's website announcement, in addition to Google, Microsoft and IBM, other companies such as Intel, business software company SAP and technology consultant Accenture will also cooperate in it. Unions including the AFL-CIO and the Communications Workers of America (CWA) have also been announced as advisers to the group.

A group to investigate the impact of artificial intelligence on different businesses

Cisco said the group will focus on producing a report with "actionable insights for business owners and employees." The company will examine how artificial intelligence might change the state of work for 56 types of tech jobs.

Generative AI has undoubtedly shaken up the tech industry, and many companies are quickly scrambling to take advantage of the technology. Managers of large companies are also competing with each other by investing in artificial intelligence. However, there are concerns about AI replacing some jobs, as well as the lack of comprehensive and comprehensive legislation.

Overall, it is unclear how the AI revolution will affect the work of different people. Now Cisco and other technology companies are looking to investigate this matter; Of course, these companies have not yet announced what this new group will do exactly.

Companies often form working groups to push the discussed issues to their advantage by preparing various reports. Technology companies, which are one of the biggest investors in artificial intelligence, have been laying off thousands of employees in recent times, although they have emphasized on improving the skills of artificial intelligence in their employees.