WhatsApp's trump card to beat Telegram was unveiled

Meta introduced the image design feature with artificial intelligence to WhatsApp as a test. This feature is currently available to US users and will probably be rolled out more widely soon.According to Meta's press release, as soon as you type words into the Meta AI tool, the artificial intelligence will begin generating images. By adding more details to the text, WhatsApp's artificial intelligence will change the image you want in the moment.

In the example given by Meta, the phrase "Imagine a soccer game on Mars" is typed. As the text is being typed, the normal football game will quickly change mode and finally the playing field on the planet Mars will be displayed.Users who have entered the new beta plan, in order to access the feature in question, after entering the Meta AI service on WhatsApp, they must write the sentence they want in English with the phrase "Imagine".

Meta says Llama 3's large language model (the service underlying Meta AI) can produce higher-quality images and perform better at displaying text in images. The user can animate any image he wants with the new version of Meta AI. Real-time image generation is also available for American users of Meta AI web versions, in addition to WhatsApp. This feature is part of a new set of meta features using artificial methods that are being released today for Instagram, Facebook and Messenger platforms.