Mac users to access PDF and Excel files during content creation with Copilot became possible

Mac users will have the ability to access PDF and Excel files when creating content with Copilot.

From now on, Mac users as well as Copilot (which is an artificial intelligence tool for content creation) can refer to PDF and Excel files when creating content. In other words, they can use the information in these files to create new content by the Copilot AI.

Microsoft announced a feature for Microsoft 365 where it improves Copilot's AI. It allows users to use PDF data and Excel spreadsheets while creating content

This functionality extends Copilot's capabilities beyond referencing chat history and documents in the Microsoft 365 suite. With broader file type support, users can potentially improve their content creation by incorporating data and insights from PDF files and Excel documents.

There may be features such as automatically populating graphs or tables in Word documents with relevant data points from the reference Excel file.

By analyzing PDF files, Copilot may also generate brief summaries or talking points to integrate into your work. Additionally, referencing PDFs and Excel files can simplify the process of combining data and ensuring proper citations in your content.

This feature is scheduled to be available in May 2024 and in the public release phase, meaning it will be widely available to all Microsoft 365 users.