LinkedIn enters the influencer marketing space by launching Thought Leader Ads

Advertising on LinkedIn has launched with Thought Leader Ads, a new way for brands to leverage influencers on the platform. This change targets the growing market of influencer marketing and has higher engagement compared to traditional advertising. Creating a network of creators and competing with established platforms like TikTok are key challenges.

LinkedIn enters the influencer marketing space by launching Thought Leader Ads. This new ad format allows brands to amplify the posts of LinkedIn users, including industry experts and thought leaders, to gain a larger share of the influencer marketing market.

Traditionally, LinkedIn has focused on business-to-business (B2B) advertising, capitalizing on its professional user base to connect companies with clients and customers. However, as revenue growth has slowed in recent years, LinkedIn is looking for new ways to grow. Influencer marketing, a multi-billion dollar industry, looks like a great opportunity, as seen in TikTok and Instagram.

Thought Leader ads leverage the credibility and reach of long-time LinkedIn users. Brands can identify relevant influencers and promote their posts to a wider audience with their permission. This strategy can generate more engagement than traditional advertising methods because users are more likely to trust content from industry peers than generic marketing messages.

Early results look promising. LinkedIn reports that Thought Leader ads have a higher engagement rate than standard display ads, but it takes time and effort to build a network of creators.

Currently, LinkedIn's campaign management ad system lacks an automated process to connect brands with influencer agencies. The company acknowledges this as a limitation and is exploring ways to streamline the process.

It remains to be seen whether Thought Leader Ads can compete with Instagram and TikTok's consistent dominance in the influencer marketing space. However, LinkedIn's foray into this territory will significantly change the professional social media platform.

The success of this new advertising format depends on their ability to build a strong network of creators, simplify the process for advertisers, and effectively compete with other platforms for brand dollars.