It is possible to share files offline on Whatsapp!

The ability to send files offline is widely available to users in the new WhatsApp update. Your favorite messaging app can soon send photos and more completely offline.WhatsApp has been working on new features for years to enhance the functionality of this popular messaging app. Features such as converting text to image have brought this application closer to rival messaging applications such as Telegram. However, this hasn't stopped WhatsApp from working on new and creative features. The latest is the ability to share files with nearby people completely offline. This feature is still in beta and allows WhatsApp users to share files locally with people around them using a local wireless connection and a Bluetooth connection. share, similar to how services such as AirDrop and Quick Share work.

How does the offline file sharing function work on WhatsApp?

Spotted by WABetaInfo, the feature suggests that the instant messaging platform is actively working on the feature, which would allow sharing of all types of files, not just photos and videos.

This feature is expected to work on smartphones with WhatsApp installed, regardless of whether your phone is Android or iPhone. Although this has not been officially confirmed yet.

The report also adds that files shared locally will be end-to-end encrypted, which will add to their safety. This encryption must prevent any unauthorized access to the shared files.

The leaked information shows that devices that want to use this feature will need to grant permissions to the WhatsApp app that they may not have been allowed to do before. This includes access to Bluetooth devices, as well as the ability to scan and search for nearby devices for the file sharing section.Fortunately, users who do not want to participate in this feature will have the option to turn it off on their smartphones. Other permissions include access to system files and your local photo gallery, which aren't completely unpredictable.\

When will the feature of sending files offline in WhatsApp be available?

This feature is currently in beta, which means that only those who have access to the beta versions of this messenger can see the feature. However, for actual use, you'll need to wait for a wider rollout of this feature in the app's stable channel, which could take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. It depends on how quickly WhatsApp succeeds in completing the implementation of this feature and fixing any bugs.For now, users who need the ability to share files locally can turn to services like AirDrop on iPhones, while Android phones offer access to a plethora of third-party services in addition to local solutions like nearby/to-share. Sharing is fast.