What are the Instagram Pronouns? Step-by-step tutorial on activating Pronouns

In this article, you will get to know the Instagram pronouns and we have also described how to activate them.

In 2021, Instagram introduced a new optional section for its users' profiles, which is called Pronouns. Before this, Facebook and LinkedIn had also provided this section to their users. But you may not be familiar with this small feature of Instagram, for this reason, in this article from Digiato, we will explain to you what Instagram pronouns are and how to activate Pronouns on Instagram.

What is Instagram pronoun?

When you enter the profile of one of the Instagram users, information such as the name, website address and biography of the account owner will be displayed. Sometimes in front of people's names, other information such as She/Her or He/Him is also displayed in a lighter color. This information is the same as the pronouns in Instagram.Using Pronouns in Instagram bio is completely optional, that's why you can see them in some profiles and others don't have them. In order to learn more about the place of pronoun display in the Instagram bio, we have mentioned two known accounts with Pronouns:

  • "Emma Watson" who played the role of "Hermione Granger" in the Harry Potter movies has used the pronoun "she/her" in his Instagram bio.
  • In front of the account name "Justin Trudeau", the Prime Minister of Canada, the pronoun he/him is also visible.

  Therefore, in simple terms, the pronouns somehow show the gender and sexual interests of the profile owner. When you use these optional pronouns on your profile, you're letting others know how you like to be addressed.

How to enable Pronouns in Instagram bio

To activate the Instagram account, you only need to do it through your phone and currently it is not possible to activate it with a computer. Also, only 4 pronouns can be added to each profile, of course, this feature supports different languages, including Persian.

How to add Pronouns in Instagram bio is very simple, and to do it you need to follow the steps below:

  1. First, you need to log in to your personal page and tap on the Edit Profile button to edit your profile.
  2.  After that, tap on Pronouns to display the page related to setting the new pronoun.
  3. In the Pronouns section, you can choose 4 appropriate pronouns. However, it should be noted that the pronouns are not typeable, which means that based on your language of choice, you should choose one of the items displayed for you.
  4. At the bottom of the new pronoun selection section, there is also an option titled Show to follower only. When this option is enabled, nicknames will only be shown to users who follow you.

FAQs about pronouns on Instagram

What is Instagram pronoun?

You can somehow determine your gender with the help of Instagram pronoun.

Pronouns Instagram in which part can be seen?

Pronouns can be seen in the account biography.

Is using pronouns in Instagram bio necessary?

No, this feature is completely optional and you can choose not to use it.

What advantages do pronouns have on Instagram?

These pronouns will only make others get to know you more and will also help you in your interactions with others.