Urgent: Artificial Intelligence Meta AI has entered Instagram and WhatsApp

The ChatGPT chatbot started the main AI war and now Meta is looking to win the big race. To achieve this goal, the company managed by Mark Zuckerberg plans to introduce the Meta AI artificial intelligence assistant into the search section of Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and Messenger. Plus, Meta AI will go directly into your main Facebook feed.Meta says that it will be possible to chat with Meta AI artificial intelligence in the messaging section of the company's social networks, and now for the first time, Meta AI artificial intelligence can also be accessed through a standalone website. The ultimate goal of Meta AI is to become the world's smartest free artificial intelligence assistant.

To boost its artificial intelligence performance, Meta also introduced a new large language model called Llama 3, which is open source like its previous versions.Meta says that the Llama 3 beats its peers in key benchmarks and performs better than its predecessor in code processing.Meta has made two smaller versions of Llama 3 available, and plans to release the original and multi-mode version in the coming months.

Meta AI Assistant is the only chatbot that provides real-time Bing and Google search results in one. After you ask your question, the chatbot itself chooses to use Google or Bing to answer it.Meta AI's image generation system has also been updated to be able to create animations (or, perhaps, better, GIFs). Plus, AI-quality images are generated instantly as you type.

Until now, Meta AI was only available in a limited way in the US, but now it can be accessed in Australia, Canada, Jamaica, New Zealand, Pakistan, Singapore and a host of other countries. Meta AI currently supports English, but new languages are on the way, Meta says.