Instagram algorithm is changing; Helping first-hand content and dealing with content republishing

Instagram announced that it is changing its algorithm so that original content can be seen more, even from small creators.

Instagram is making big changes to the Rails section recommendation algorithm. With these changes, first-hand or original content will be offered to users more than before, and from that, posts that simply republish the content of other people will be less recommended. The goal of this company is to help small content creators who have a smaller audience to be seen more.

According to Engget, Instagram announced that it is trying to "reform" its content rating system so that accounts with fewer followers can more easily get their content to users. In the company's description, it is stated:

"For a long time, because of the way we ranked content, posts from creators with more followers, as well as those who were reposting other people's content, were more recommended to users than small first-hand content creators. We think it's important to modify this mechanism so that all content creators have an equal opportunity to reach new audiences."

What changes Instagram algorithm?

It's not yet clear exactly how Instagram's content recommendation system will increase equality, but the company says its algorithm will no longer give higher priority to accounts with more followers: "Eligible content...regardless of whether the user follows the posting's account." "Whether it does or not, it will be shown to a small group of audiences that we think will like that content."

Next, with the formation of interaction between these audiences and the relevant content, the videos that have the best performance will be shown to a larger group of audiences, then the best among them will be shown again to a larger group and this process continues.

Instagram says that this change will be available to all users in the coming months; Therefore, it will probably take some time for all content creators to see the effect.

But the change to encourage original or first-hand posts will take effect faster. Instagram says that reels that are reposted will be replaced with the "original" clip in suggestions if they are exactly the same. Accounts that repost rails will also receive a tag that will indicate the original creator of the content. Of course, people who alter the content in a significant way, such as adding sound to it or reacting to clips, or turning them into memes with dramatic changes, would be an exception.

Users who simply repost other people's content will face harsher action if they repeat this behavior. Instagram says that if these people don't have 10 or more posts of original content in a 30-day period, it will stop suggesting their posts altogether.The current changes are currently only applied to the Rails section and will not be implemented for other posts.