The mysterious artificial intelligence "GPT2-Chatbot" apparently outperforms even GPT-4

The mysterious artificial intelligence "GPT2-Chatbot" apparently outperforms even GPT-4

A mysterious artificial intelligence model named "GPT2-Chatbot", whose manufacturer is unknown, has been spotted on an artificial intelligence system comparison website without any advertisements. Experts have expressed surprise at this model, as it matches the capabilities of GPT-4, the most advanced model that OpenAI has unveiled, and appears to outperform it in some cases.

Andrew Gao, an artificial intelligence researcher and student at Stanford University, said on social network X that it is impossible to say with certainty who created GPT2-Chatbot. When asked about its creator, this chatbot calls itself OpenAI's ChatGPT, which is built on the GPT-4 architecture. But this claim cannot be taken lightly, as AI systems can be instructed to misrepresent themselves.However, OpenAI's only official response to this artificial intelligence has come from Sam Altman, CEO of the company. "I'm very interested in gpt2," she wrote in a post on her personal X page. It may be noteworthy that his post has been edited once and the name of this model has been changed from gpt-2 to gpt2.

Abilities of the GPT2-Chatbot AI model

To test the capabilities of this chatbot, Andrew Gao gave it a difficult math problem from the International Olympiad, and the AI solved it on its first try. According to Gao, only the top four math students in the U.S. could solve this question.Also, according to VentureBeat, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania who studies artificial intelligence said that in her tests, this model performed better than GPT-4 in complex reasoning tasks such as writing code. Of course, she says, it's impossible to claim that this model completely outperforms GPT-4, but in some cases the evidence does.

The strong performance of this model has caused various people to speculate about its origin, as the question arises why such a powerful model should be released without advertising and through a website comparing and reviewing artificial intelligence models (LMSYS Chatbot Arena)?

Some experts have also pointed out similarities between GPT2-Chatbot and earlier OpenAI models. However, although this model is close in terms of capabilities to GPT-4, it is probably not strongly related to the unannounced GPT-5 model. Also, this model is more inclined to break the rules and ignore the restrictions than the previous chatbots like ChatGPT.