Content creation with Google Vids is now easier than ever; Google's unveiling of the Vids tool created a stir

By introducing a new service called Google Vids, this company gives new features to users. This program with artificial intelligence can make the video making process very simple and fast to make interesting videos.

According to The Verge, Google Vids uses Gemini AI to quickly create videos for your projects. Simply write a prompt and import your desired text, image and video files. Vids will then produce a full storyboard, script, music and voiceover for you.

It should be noted that Vids is not a generator AI tool. In other words, this AI does not generate video content for you. Rather than creating the content for you, Vids helps you get the most out of every step of the video-making process, including ideation, scripting, design, editing, and more.

According to Google's statement in the press release, Vids should not be considered as a tool to produce attractive videos; Rather, it's more suitable for people who want to share details of their new projects with the team or explain complex concepts through video production.

The process of content creation with Google Vids

Using Vids, the process of content creation is very simple; First you type in Vids what you want. For example, you write, “Help me create a video for a product launch.” With this prompt, you can also add related files from other Workspace applications to Vids. Vids will then parse this content and help you create the best video for your needs.

As with Docs, the Vids tool shows you a collection of pre-made video templates, each with a different design style. You can choose whichever one you like or which suits your content. Then you must enter a text. Of course, you can provide your explanations in audio form as well.

If you don't want to record the voice yourself, the text will be read by an artificial intelligence voice. You can choose one of the different sounds available. Finally, you should add video clips. You can create these clips with the help of artificial intelligence or you can find them on the Internet. Finally, your video will be ready for playback.

Once you've created a video with Vids, you can easily share it with others. Other users can write notes on the shared file and even start editing the video themselves. Google says that you can output MP4 from the final file if you wish.

Vids have many competitors in the net world; But unlike the other tools, it is compatible with other major Google services, and this is a big advantage for content production with Google Vids. According to Google, support for the mobile version will be added to Google Vids in the future. But currently, the Vids program cannot be used in the free version of the Google Workspace service, and it will probably be released in June this year.