Google Play was updated with a useful change

The long-awaited and practical change of the Google Play online store has finally been officially implemented.

After a long review, Google has finally activated the download and installation of two applications in the Play Store. According to a report from 9to5Google, this feature only works for installing two new apps.Currently, if you install multiple new apps, the next two apps will start downloading after one pair is finished. The iPhone App Store provides the ability to download and install three applications at the same time.

Google Play's new feature does not apply to updating pre-installed apps. This new feature has been tested with Android 14 mobiles and Google Play version 40.6.31 and will be released over time for older phones with older OS.

Downloading two applications on Google Play at the same time

It looks like Google has made this process a little faster recently. Today it seems that the Play Store is able to download two apps simultaneously. It's a small change, but anything that can reduce the amount of time it takes to set up a new phone is a winner in my eyes. The feature works on a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra phone, but 9to5Google reports that the feature works on multiple Pixel devices as well, so it's likely to be widely released, provided you have the latest version of Android and the latest version of the Play Store.

Simultaneous update of several applications in Google Play

Unfortunately, Google didn't go far enough to allow multiple updates to be downloaded at once. The same phones we tested this feature with support the simultaneous download of new apps, but not the simultaneous download of updates for existing apps.

Although the ability to receive updates for multiple apps at the same time is probably the most important improvement to improve the quality of the user experience on Android, considering this, Google may be just one step away and simultaneous downloads of updates may soon be more widespread for All Android phone models are possible.

Survey of simultaneous downloading of two programs on Google Play

Do you have the ability to download two applications simultaneously on your Android phone? Share your phone model and experience with us in the comments and tell us if you have seen this feature or not?