The free video calling software Google Mate has been updated with a useful feature

With the new feature of Google Meet, you can switch between different devices while attending online meetings and calls.

If you have to change your device while attending online meetings, we have good news for you. With a new feature called Switch Here, Google has made it very easy to transfer active calls on Mate from computer to smartphone and vice versa. This means you won't have to worry about your image skipping and cutting during the session.Another new feature that has been added to Google Meet allows users to join a call in two places at the same time. Therefore, you can cook and participate in the meeting while you are commuting between the kitchen and the office, with the call on the kitchen tablet and the office computer.

According to Google's press release, using Switch Here in the Mate app does not require learning to use a new menu. When making a call on the mentioned platform, you just need to open the link of the same session on the device you want to switch to and click on the blue Switch Here button that replaces the Join button.

If you want to be present in the online meeting on two devices in Google Meet at the same time, you must click on Other Joining Options and then choose Join Here Too.The ability to transfer calls in Mate has been made available for personal Google accounts as well as Workspace customers and will be activated for users from today.