Google Map is equipped with satellite features

Apparently, Google has a lot of plans to use satellite connectivity in Android 15 and Maps software.

Google is planning to bring satellite connectivity to Android phones After releasing the second developer preview of Android 15, the company added satellite connectivity support to the default Messenger and RCS apps.Now, based on the beta code of the Google Maps application with the version number 11.125, the Internet search giant plans to add satellite communication to its map finder service.

AssembleDebug reviews published on the Piunikaweb site indicate that a new feature for sharing location via satellite will be added to Google Maps. More precisely, users can update their location once every 15 minutes and up to five times a day.

The addition of satellite capabilities to Google Maps means that users will not need to connect to mobile networks or Wi-Fi to update their location in this application. The discussed feature can be very efficient when we are in the area without network coverage.

To use the satellite connection function in Google Maps, you need a smartphone that supports satellite connection.The satellite connectivity feature is added to the growing list of satellite-based features in Android 15. Among these features, it is possible to mention communication with emergency service centers.