Google is seeking to close a major case of the US government

Google is seeking to end a Justice Department lawsuit for dominating the world of online advertising.

Google filed a motion in federal court in Virginia to dismiss the Justice Department's complaint. In January 2023, the United States Department of Justice filed a complaint accusing Google of monopolizing digital advertising through anti-competitive and monopolistic behavior.

At the time of the initial filing of the complaint, US Attorney General Merrick Garland said: "Google has used anti-competitive, monopolistic and illegal conduct to eliminate and undermine any threat to its continued dominance of digital advertising."The filing states that Google dominates digital advertising tools to a large extent; So that it earns more than 30 percent of the advertising budget that is advertised through technology products.

Google argues in its latest filing that the Justice Department has not proven that the company controls at least 70 percent of the market; Because according to the law, holding 70% or more of the market of anything can be considered as a clear example of monopolization.The giant of the search world considers the claims of the court regarding the purchase and cooperation with other companies to be their right and describes the issues mentioned in this case as fake. Google points out that the court has ignored the company's main competitors, such as social network advertising platforms, and has pushed the subject matter of the lawsuit beyond the limits of the antitrust law.