Google has joined the club of two trillion dollars

With the market value of Google reaching 2 trillion dollars, this company is now considered the fourth most valuable brand in the world.

Google released the financial report for the first quarter of 2024 yesterday, and we saw an increase in the stock value in response to the financial report. The increase in the stock value eventually made Google's market value cross the two trillion dollar mark.The market value of Google's parent company, Alphabet, has crossed the $2 trillion level; Alphabet first hit $2 trillion in market capitalization in 2021, but quickly lost it.Google is the fourth most valuable American company after Microsoft (with a market value of $3 trillion), Apple (with a market value of $2.6 trillion), and Nvidia (with a market value of $2.2 trillion). Amazon is currently worth $1.8 trillion and Meta is next at $1.1 trillion.Google announced that it has already found ways to monetize artificial intelligence, for example, using the technology in its Performance Max tool to help advertisers target audiences.

Google isn't talking about monetizing AI in search yet, but CEO Sundar Pichai says, "We're pretty confident that we can manage the cost of answering these questions."According to Google's Q1 2024 financial report, the company's current businesses have performed very well. The internet search giant generated $80.5 billion in revenue and $23.7 billion in net profit during the same period.