The "Help me write" feature in Chrome received practical updates

Google is going to create a practical update for Chrome so that it doesn't lack anything from Edge!

It has been a while since Microsoft's Edge browser has created a functional feature to help write text that users can use to write their texts better and more easily.

Now, Google has decided to offer a similar feature called "Help me write" with the help of artificial intelligence, which has the same feature for its users. This feature allows you to write or rewrite any text you want in your own tone and style.

According to mspoweruser, Google has considered very useful functions for this feature, for example, it has added a "Redo" button so that you can return the previous sentence. There is also a drop down menu to edit this text.

The experimental feature, originally called Compose and later renamed "Help me write," is currently only available to users 18 and older in the United States. You can give it a try by going to Settings > Experimental AI.

On the other hand, Google is developing a very useful feature for managing unwanted advertising emails that can make Gmail more comfortable.