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Whether it's a business update, a personal invitation, or an announcement, you should send a group email. Entering each contact's email one by one is time consuming and you may forget someone. To save time and errors, create an email group that contains several recipients. The process is simple, and you can do it through a browser on your Chromebook, laptop, or smartphone.

How to add contacts to gmail group

To add contacts to a Gmail email group:

  1.  Start by opening Google Contacts first.
  2. Next, go to the left and select the + icon next to the stickers.
  3. When the Create label box appears, give the label a name and click Save.
  4. Now that you have a new tag, select the contacts you want to add to the group.
  5. Then, go to the toolbar, select Manage labels icon and add your contacts to that label.
  6.  Now you can go to your Gmail account and write an email as usual. And instead of entering the email address of each contact, enter the name of the label you saved so that the email is sent to all members of the group.

How to delete members from a Gmail group

You may need to review the labels you have created and remove some contacts to keep your email communications private.

To remove contacts from your Gmail labels:

  1.  Go to Google Contacts and select the label you want to remove contacts from.
  2. Then, select all the contacts that you want to delete.
  3. After selecting all contacts, go to the toolbar, select the three vertical dots and click Remove from label.
  4. The contacts you remove will remain in your Gmail contacts list, but they won't be part of the label until you add them back.

Why we create email groups in Gmail?

Creating email groups for your Gmail account allows you to send the right email to the right people without having to enter each individual's email address. If you regularly send mass emails, it can be boring. This feature is useful for sending emails to the same group of people, be it friends, family, or coworkers.

If you want to send a group email but don't want to receive a reply from your recipients, create a label following the steps listed above, but enter the label name in the Bcc field when you compose your email. This way, your email will look personal and you will save time by not having to enter each person's email address. You'll also avoid an inbox clogged with unwanted replies.

Preventing our email account to be added to email groups

While this is an easy way to send group communications, your contacts and the businesses you interact with can add your email address to tags in the same way. To keep your inbox clear of such communications, unsubscribe from these emails in Gmail.