WhatsApp was equipped with filters for organizing chats

Currently, three filters are available: Unread, All and Groups, which appear at the top of the chat screen.

WhatsApp has introduced filters for user chats, which can be used to categorize the list of chats based on various criteria.

According to a new post that WhatsApp has published on its blog, there are currently three filters that will be displayed on top of the chats screen:

  1. All: The default and main option that includes all messages.
  2. Unread: Selecting this option will display messages that you have marked as "unread" or that you have not yet opened.
  3. Groups: One of the features requested by users, by choosing it, all the messages related to groups will be displayed. Also, the subgroups related to Communities will be displayed by selecting this option.

 Organize chats more quickly with WhatsApp filters

Meta explains in her post that with these filters, users will be able to organize their chats more easily and find their important conversations. This feature will be shown to users starting today and will be available to all people in the coming weeks; So if you haven't got access to them yet, you might have to wait a little longer.Telegram, as the most important competitor of WhatsApp, has provided its users with another version of this feature called Folders, where users can organize their chats based on desired topics by creating different folders.Meta has been developing various features for its messaging service for some time now, and probably the most important of them is the addition of Meta's AI assistant. According to a report earlier this week, select WhatsApp users in India have apparently gained access to the feature, allowing users to interact with the Meta AI artificial intelligence through the app. The social media giant is also apparently planning to bring this feature to Instagram users as well.