Adobe Express has come to mobile; Editing of photos and videos with artificial intelligence

Adobe finally released the final version of Adobe Express with AI capabilities for iPhone and Android.

In addition to photo editing, Adobe Express on Android offers video editing options. Users can transform original content into something entirely new and take advantage of Adobe's extensive library of assets and tools; For example, using artificial intelligence, videos can be subtitled in more than 100 languages.To use Adobe Express, users must log in to their user account; Some of the program's features are available for free, but most Adobe Express features require a $10 monthly subscription.

Adobe has officially released the final version of the artificial intelligence-powered Adobe Express app for iPhone and Android. Previously available in beta, Express provides mobile users with a wide range of AI-powered image and video editing capabilities.With Adobe Express, users can not only create completely new images, but also edit their existing images using Generative Fill and Object Removal tools. These features are very similar to what we see on the Galaxy S24 and Pixel 8; But Adobe's tools are more comprehensive and provide a better workflow for content creators.