China's new AI converts text to video

A Chinese company has introduced a new artificial intelligence for converting text to video and considered it to be the same level as Sora.

The first Chinese text-to-video artificial intelligence called Vidu was unveiled. Vidu is jointly developed by Shengshu Technology Co., Ltd. and Qingdao University.The creators of Vidu claim that this large language model can create a 16-second high-quality 1080p video in just one click.

Vidu is claimed to be China's first large-scale text-to-video language model with exceptional stability and dynamic capabilities, offering "Sora-level AI" performance.

The controversial AI Sora was introduced by OpenAI in early 2024. This model created a storm in the world of technology with its high ability to create real scenes based on text commands. Shengshu says that Vidu's development started before Sora's.

According to China Daily, Vide's artificial intelligence can depict some Chinese elements and symbols like dragons or pandas very well.