This is the first all-electric humanoid robot with a speed of 6 km per hour

China has unveiled a humanoid robot with the ability to run and walk very like a human.

Beijing's humanoid robot innovation center introduces Tiangong; An anthropomorphic robot that can walk like a human and run at a speed of 6 km/h. Tiangong is the first fully electric humanoid robot to achieve such capability.

The Tiangong robot, with a height of 163 cm and a weight of 43 kg, is designed to be able to run stably. The robot uses multiple cameras and a high-precision Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and 3D sensors that allow it to understand its environment and precisely navigate.The robot is equipped with very precise force sensors to receive feedback from the input forces from different directions.

Tiangong uses a new motion learning method called "predictive imitation reinforcement learning", which has played a vital role in achieving the robot's natural running capability.

The developers have emphasized the importance of Tiangong's compatibility with different environments and said that it is possible to open communication and upgrade the level of the robot's software and hardware performance. The versatility of the robot makes it useful for many different applications.