5 of the best AI apps for your Android phone or tablet

In the article introducing the best artificial intelligence programs for Android according to the latest data (2024), we want to review some of the best tools and applications based on AI for phones; Tools that can help you in various fields to do your tasks and tasks faster and easier. It's really a challenge to choose the AI apps that best meet your needs, while avoiding those with incomplete features and financial barriers like pay walls. Luckily, there are several great AI apps for Android on the Play Store, and we're here to help you choose the best ones to suit your needs.

In this article, we will review the best AI apps for Android phones. From voice assistants that help us have the best experience in all aspects of our lives, to programs that use advanced algorithms to help us in our daily tasks, all will be discussed in this article.


If you're familiar with AI, you know ChatGPT, known as the top AI chatbot on the market, and the underlying GPT engine used to power the other tools. Using natural language processing, ChatGPT provides human-like interaction and unparalleled depth of knowledge, making it an essential tool for researching topics, summarizing documents, and even composing music. In our experience, sometimes ChatGPT provides incorrect information, and although your experience may vary, it is important to verify any important information.

Along with the desktop version, ChatGPT is available as a free Android app from the Google Play store. This free program offers a full set of features and enough power for normal use. However, power users can pay $20 per month to access the latest GPT-4 model and get priority access during peak hours, which lead to delays for others. But even the free version of the tool works very well and there is no need to pay for the latest model.

Direct download link on google play: ChatGPT

2-Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft has been fighting the war for search engine supremacy for years, but its new Android app, Copilot, aims to change that using its AI chatbot engine, ChatGPT. While you can be sure that Google is hot on the heels of projects like Gemini, Microsoft's early and massive investment in ChatGPT's parent, OpenAI, has given the company a head start, at least to date.

Compared to the free version of JPT Chat, Copilot offers a few extra features. First, the user interface of the Copilot app looks a little better and you don't need to pay extra for using the GPT-4 model. In addition, you can use Dall-E 3's high-quality image generation capability directly within the program after logging in. We think the Copilot app is a must-download for Android users because it offers a great user experience and has a few extra features over the ChatGPT app. However, during our testing period, we sometimes experienced a slow and buggy user experience in the app.

Direct download link on google play: Microsoft Copilot

3-Google Gemini

In December 2023, Google's artificial intelligence chatbot named Gemini received a massive update. Although Gemini still shares many of the same features as ChatGPT, its integration with Google's search engine and apps makes it stand out from the crowd. For example, we asked Gemini to explain Lauren Berlant's The National Sentiments trilogy, and the app provided a Wikipedia-like answer with options to enhance certain sections and export the answer to Google Docs. Gemini's answer also included sources for its answer. When we followed up to ask if there was a talk on the subject, Gemini returned several YouTube links that provided explanations about the author.

Like ChatGPT or Copilot, Gemini can generate pictures from text messages. However, nine of the ten image requests we sent timed out, and the other three were very bad. All things considered, if you're looking for real-time access and processing of data within the Google ecosystem, Gemini is the best.

Direct download link on google play: Google Gemini


Replica is presented as an AI companion. It's basically an AI chatbot with an animated avatar element that you can customize during the app's initial setup. You can determine the physical characteristics of your replica by choosing things like body shape, hairstyle and eye color. Creating your own replica friend is fun because of the nice user interface and interesting choices you can make during the process, but if you subscribe to the paid plan for $8 a month, you can create other experiences, like romance or mentoring.

Even Replica's free tier offers a valuable set of features. Conversations are continuous, meaning you can build on past conversations to develop your replica personality and a relationship type. Other features to enhance the shared experience include playing games, sharing photos and making video calls with your replica. This app is worth a try for some fun and excitement.

Direct download link on google play: Replika

5- Duolingo Max

Duolingo is without a doubt the best language learning app on the market, supporting a variety of engaging game features that will keep you engaged. A new premium subscription tier called Duolingo Max uses GPT-4 engine. Currently, Max is only available in English and French for iOS devices in limited regions. This is an interesting implementation and one to look forward to on Android.

Direct download link on google play: Duolingo Max