The 200 millionth hit of chat bot Ernie, the Chinese competitor of Chat GPT

Ernie, a Chinese chatbot that was a competitor to GPT chat, has 200 million users. This news was announced by Baidu's CEO, Robin Li, at the "Everyone is a Developer" conference with 5,000 people in attendance. Also, Robin Lee added that she is going to hold an artificial intelligence development competition and give a prize of 7 million dollars for it.

Interesting information on Ernie

In addition, Lee unveiled three tools that users can use to create and integrate AI-based bots without any programming knowledge, using AgentBuilder, AppBuilder, and ModelBuilder.

About a year has passed since the unveiling and launch of Ernie's chatbot, and the Beijing government issued a public use license in August.

Another interesting thing about this robot Ernie is that Samsung and Honor have integrated Ernie's artificial intelligence capabilities with mobile devices.

The data that was revealed about Ernie

Baidu has shared two interesting data from chat bot Ernie:

  • First, as of December, approximately 26,000 businesses were actively using Ernie's functionality monthly
  • It has answered more than 50 million questions every day.

Baidu is set to publish its first quarter results on May 16.

The capabilities of artificial intelligence have been greatly developed in the last two years, and the ability of this technology to produce content has been used especially, and as a result, there has been a high demand for the use of GPU graphics processing units from Nvidia. The use of these chips is also very necessary for training artificial intelligence language models.

On the other hand, the United States has limited the export and access of the Chinese to such chips; However, Lee reports that the chips are being stored and that she should improve Ernie in the next year or two.