Artificial intelligence voice dubbing comes to Instagram Reels

Meta is reported to be developing an AI-powered voice dubbing feature for Instagram Rails.

Meta has apparently been working on an AI-powered audio dubbing feature for the popular video and image sharing app.

A user has shared some tips about this feature by publishing a post on X page (formerly Twitter). But it's more than just an AI voiceover, she says: it can use your voice, and you can choose what languages your AI voice speaks. This feature has been in the works for quite some time now, but apparently, Meta is working on developing this feature for an official release.

Users will hear your voice dubbed into the languages you select. You can turn this feature off or on for some or all languages for your Rails. This feature is not available for all users at the moment.

And we think Instagram may need to “talk” to you to figure out what you sound like. It's almost similar to Microsoft's recently published patent for a system that lets you dub videos with your own voice and in your own language.