The iPhone's NFC payment technology is apparently leaving Apple Pay exclusive in Europe

Apple may soon allow developers in the EU to use the company's Tap-to-Pay and NFC payment technology. It seems that the European Union regulators will accept the proposal to open the Apple payment system to competitors next month; In this case, the two-year legal battle between these regulators and the Cupertinos over the Apple Pay monopoly will end.

In early 2024, the European Commission announced that Apple had committed to allowing third-party payment providers to freely use the iPhone's NFC capabilities. Apple's proposal also gives developers access to Face ID for user authentication, and iPhone users can set third-party apps as their default payment option, Reuters reported.

Pay with Apple's NFC in third-party applications

Apple's Tap-to-Pay technology allows for contactless payments through mobile phones using NFC. Two years ago, the European Commission accused Apple of favoring the Apple Pay mobile wallet by denying third-party app developers access to the feature.

Apple proposed to the European Union in January that third-party developers also have access to the technology for free. After receiving feedback from competitors and customers, Apple has been asked to change some of the terms.Now the European Commission is apparently planning to accept the proposal by the summer of 2024 (probably May); However, this timeline is still subject to change, as Apple needs to work out the final technical details. If approved, this feature will last for 10 years. However, we may not see these changes outside of the European Union. Apple hasn't yet confirmed whether it will make NFC available to developers in other countries.