Apple acquired a French startup to advance in artificial intelligence

Apple acquired Datakalab, a Paris-based startup with the aim of focusing more on artificial intelligence and providing tools based on this technology on its future devices. Datakalab specializes in compression algorithm and artificial intelligence systems. The purchase of this startup has been finalized on December 17, 2023, in a silence.

On the eve of WWDC 2024, Apple is buying various startups in the artificial intelligence field.

Apple's action is part of the company's extensive strategy to provide advanced artificial intelligence features in its devices; Features that are expected to be introduced with iOS 18 and iPhone 16 series.

In 2016, Xavier Fischer and Lucas Fischer founded Datakalab, which has made significant advances in artificial intelligence with a focus on deep learning algorithms that work without relying on cloud computing systems.

Datakalab's approach is in line with Apple's commitment to user privacy and data security and reliable performance; Because processing information locally minimizes the risk of data breaches and shortens processing time.

Bloomberg reporter Mark German recently reported that Apple's big language model runs entirely natively on the device. Apple's artificial intelligence is said to be less powerful in certain cases compared to its competitors who use cloud-based processing.Apple's new artificial intelligence strategy will be unveiled at WWDC in early June (late June) along with the company's new operating system preview. Zoomit will cover this event completely.