OpenAI hires first employee from India after opening first office in Japan

OpenAI, creator of ChatGPT, hires its first Indian employee, Pragya Misra. Misra is responsible for leadership in the areas of public policy and collaborations, reflecting OpenAI's focus on AI settings in the growing Indian market. Also, OpenAI faces competition from Google's AI model, which is designed for India's diverse languages.

OpenAI, the Microsoft-backed company known for its generative pre-trained transformer model ChatGPT, has hired its first employee in India. Pragya Misra is responsible for public policy and partnerships for the firm in India. Misra has previously worked for Truecaller and Meta Platforms.The company is looking to announce the first OpenAI office in Japan and Asia after announcing the hiring of its first employee from India. This clearly indicates that OpenAI plans to expand in Asia.

In Monday's announcements, OpenAI CEO Sam Altmann announced that Tadao Nagasaki has been appointed as the new branch's head. Nagasaki previously worked at Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Japan, and earlier this year it welcomed a 2.26 trillion Japanese yen (roughly $14.6 trillion) investment into the country's cloud infrastructure.OpenAI's hiring of Misra comes in line with the company's efforts to expand its presence in Asia and support favorable regulations for AI. With a large population and a growing economy, India is a very important market for artificial intelligence companies.

OpenAI in India faces competition from companies such as Google, which is developing an AI model that can handle more than 100 Indian languages. Support AI in ways that improve public services. Altman has also called for more regulation of AI, expressing concern that the technology could cause harm.