The iPhone 16 will have a unique and unexpected feature

Apple may make a significant change to its new flagship to differentiate the iPhone 16 from the competition.

Rumors about replacing the physical buttons of the iPhone with capacitive (touch) buttons continue. According to a new report, Apple has officially ordered capacitive buttons for the iPhone 16.Last year, it was rumored that the iPhone 15 will be released with a capacitive button; But in the end, this event did not turn out to be true.

A new report says that Apple has placed an order for capacitive buttons with Advanced Semiconductor Engineering. The order includes a System-in-Package (SiP) module to replace the physical buttons on the sides of the iPhone 16 with capacitive buttons.In order to add the capacitive button, Apple needs to put more Taptic Engine into the iPhone 16 so that the user feels the vibration feedback when pressing the capacitive buttons.